Four new, Covid-19 safe, CfE-linked, STEAM, online workshops available to choose from

For P1-3 pupils


“It was very good to have the workshop as we are not going on visits and are not having visitors in school”

“Superb! No IT issues and easy to access. Great pre-workshop info & guidelines”


KAPLA - 10 Plank Challenge

An introduction to the world of KAPLA. Each pupil, using their own mini KAPLA Kit, will be guided through a series of 2D and 3D challenges. Number, shape and pattern will be explored and pupils will keep track of their progress on their own record sheet. Problem-solving, perseverance, resilience, fine motor skills and fun are the keys to success in this hands-on, live, STEAM workshop.

Maximum number of pupils: 30 (25 for composite class)

Kid K'NEX - Shapes & Numbers

Each pupil, using their own Kid K'NEX Kit, will be guided through a series of mini shape and number challenges, including a mental maths quiz, Kid K'NEX style! The workshop finishes with an opportunity for pupils to get creative as they design and build their own Kid K'NEX NumBug. Maths, numeracy, creativity and fun all in one live, interactive and hands-on session!

Maximum number of pupils: 30 (25 for composite class)

For P4-7 pupils


“Set up was excellent – kit drop-off, communication, professionalism, delivery, feedback and interaction during this was fabulous”

“Children were very pleased to see Ann again and enjoyed the workshop”


KAPLA - 10 Plank Challenge

Pupils will use their own mini KAPLA Kit to take part in a series of increasingly complex 3D building challenges. Recording their achievements as they progress, they will be developing the important life skills of problem-solving, perseverance, resilience and fine motor skills while having fun. The workshop concludes with a creativity challenge and a discussion about the skills used.

Maximum number of pupils: 33 (25 for composite class)

K'NEX - Shapes & Towers

An opportunity for pupils to be guided through building and investigating the properties of a range of 3D shapes using their own mini K'NEX Kit. Everyone will master using the K'NEX 3D connectors contained in their Kit before using their learning to take part in the Tower Challenge. Maths, creativity, problem-solving and fun in this live, interactive and hands-on session.

Maximum number of pupils: 33 (25 for composite class)

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