In full compliance with current Scottish Government guidelines for re-opening of schools, K'NEXT Generation has developed four new Covid-19 safe, online STEAM workshops.

In developing these new online workshops, ensuring the safety of everyone involved has taken top priority. However, this has not compromised the quality or the content that K'NEXT Generation workshops provide.


Workshop development was based on the advice in the document: 

Coronavirus (COVID-19): Guidance on preparing for the start of the new school term in August 2020 – Version 2

with particular reference to the following requirements in this document:


Requirement Compliance measure

Adult visitors to schools to be strictly limited

K'NEXT Generation will no longer visit schools to deliver workshops in person
Movement of individuals between schools to be kept to a minimum As above

Full-class sized groups

Provision of enough equipment for a full-class sized group to take part in a workshop at the same time
Sharing of equipment to be minimised Individual mini kits will be provided for every pupil, meaning that equipment will not need to be shared 
Cleaning or 72 hour quarantine periods for equipment between uses Strict cleaning and quarantine procedures will be followed (see below)
Deliveries to minimise person-to-person contact Strict contract-free procedures will be followed during delivery and collection of equipment
Practical, “hands-on” learning and activities are an important part of the curriculum across all subject areas K'NEXT Generation will continue to provide practical, “hands-on” learning activities as before the pandemic but they will be delivered in a different, Covid-19 safe way


Safety procedures have been developed for the preparation, quarantine, storage, transport, delivery and collection of workshop equipment. A full risk assessment for these procedures has been carried out. Both are available to download below.


If K'NEXT Generation staff exhibit symptoms of Covid-19 they will follow government testing, tracing and isolation guidelines. 

Delivery/collection and workshops will be postponed until a negative test result is received or until the appropriate isolation period has been observed.

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