Ann Larkham  BSc(Hons)  MPhil  PGCert

Ann Larkham is:

  • K'NEXT Generation's owner & facilitator
  • the K'NEX Training Consultant for Scotland
  • qualified to post-graduate level
  • a registered Data Controller

and has Enhanced Disclosure Scotland


A little about Ann's far!

Ann worked for the BBC in London as a camerawoman for 15 years where she operated cameras on a wide range of studio, location and outside broadcast programmes. During this time Ann studied mathematics and computing with the Open University and enjoyed studying so much that she left the BBC to study full-time at Aberdeen University.


Four years, a course change and a First Class Honours Degree in Zoology later, Ann wasn't quite ready to return to work so went to the Macaulay (now James Hutton) Institute. Three years, and an MPhil in Zoology later, Ann decided to join Satrosphere Science Centre (now Aberdeen Science Centre) as an Explainer.


Ann was promoted to Shows Manager and then to Shows and Outreach Manager at Satrosphere. This meant she got to travel all over the North of Scotland delivering science workshops in schools and at science festivals and community events.


Ann then moved to TechFest-SetPoint to set up and deliver their new primary outreach programme. During this time, Ann received a newsletter from the K'NEX User Group which contained an article titled "Earning money from K'NEX".


And, as they say, the rest is history...


P.S. That was over 10 years ago, and Ann is delighted to have had the privilege of working with pupils, teachers, families and professional organisations throughout Scotland.


Here's to the next 10 years of doing the best job in the world!


Thank you for your kind comments...


“Ann was very organised, knowledgeable and gave clear instructions.”


“Ann was very encouraging and supportive to all my pupils.”


“Ann was great, approachable, good communication & wonderful delivery.”


“Have to admit to being excited when I saw Ann on a return visit.”


“Ann had a very enthusiastic approach to her workshop content. Calm discipline.”


“Ann delivered this workshop in an extremely professional and clear way which meant all children, including an ASN child in my class, could participate and learn from the activity.”




“Ann really held the children’s interest and enthusiasm.”





“Ann has a great wealth of knowledge, the children adored learning from her, she definitely makes learning fun!”




“Ann was a fantastic presenter and teacher, pleasant, firm, skilled, funny, focused, clear, positive...”




“Ann's discipline is very good as are her explanations of the activity and its application in real life.”




“I only wish Ann could come more often!”




“Ann is so professional, organised, inspiring and fantastic with the children.”




“Ann was great with pupils who are a lively bunch - good control of them! Some tips for classroom management that I can use too.”


“Ann was fantastic with the children. Ensured all were on task and listening. Overall a super session. Well resourced and excellently led.”


“Ann was really great with the class and kept them all captivated and focused."


“Ann you were so good with my class. Organised, efficient, super resources, calm and positive with kids. It was an hour of pleasure for us all.”



“Very professional. Ann has a lovely disposition and manner with the children.”



“Ann was firm and fair with the children, dealing well with all needs.”


“Ann is lovely with the class. Great organisation & control. Very impressive workshop as usual.”


“I had the good fortune to have worked with Ann in my previous school.”


“As always Ann provides the children with a fun, interactive workshop which challenges their thinking.”



“Ann controlled behaviour very well and was well respected.”


“So delighted to see ALL pupils taking part under Ann's superb guidance.”


“Well organised and engaging as usual. Always a pleasure to welcome Ann back.”



“Ann is very easy to work with.”



“Ann - what you do is wonderful. I appreciate your calm approach.”



“Ann - amazing presentation and level of talking to pupils.”


“An excellent morning spent with Ann - She had a very calm manner which the class responded to. Very clear instructions and expectations given.”


“I appreciate your behaviour management strategies & gentle manner with the children. Keep doing what you do - it is brilliant!”



“Ann was super helpful, and the kids really enjoyed working with her.”


“Appreciate the ease with which Ann helps us organise the workshops and her ability to be flexible with our pupils.”


“Ann delivered a superb session. She engaged naturally with children, offering guidance and support appropriately whilst allowing the pupils to problem solve.”



“Ann was great at interacting, encouraging and motivating class.”



“Super time management. Ann travelled around the hall facilitating the challenge.”


“Astounded at the level of group work shown and work produced by my class - all thanks to Ann's delivery.”

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