P4-7 KAPLA 10 Plank Challenge

You will need 10 KAPLA planks

(or Jenga or dominoes)

Top Tips!

Take your time

Don't give up

Rest your elbows on the table

Challenge 1: Stand 10 planks on their ends, close to each other but not touching

Challenge 2: Make a mug  

Challenge 3: Build a butterfly  

Challenge 4: Balance a T  

Challenge 5: Balance tall T towers  

Challenge 6: Stack a swimming swan  

Challenge 7: Can you build these simple shapes?

Hint: these shapes are standing up

Challenge 8: Stack some squares to make a tall tower  

Challenge 9: Try to balance a tricky triangle tower 

Challenge 10: Grow a tree and then a taller tree  

Challenge 11: Can you balance this see-saw?  

Challenge 12: Can you organise this obstinate ostrich?

Ultimate Challenge: 

1. Design and build your own model that uses all 10 planks

2. Draw or photograph your design

3. Challenge someone else in your house to build your design


Ask an adult to share a photo of your design on Twitter and include: #LockdownLessons



Great work! 

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