P2-3 KAPLA 10 Plank Challenge

You will need 10 KAPLA planks

(or Jenga or dominoes)

Challenge 1: Can you make these letters?

Can you make the next letter in the alphabet?

Can you make the letters that spell your name?

Challenge 2: Can you make these numbers?

Can you make the number that comes after 2?

Can you make your age?

Challenge 3: Can you make these shapes?

What are the names of these shapes?

Can you make a shape with 5 sides?

What is the name of this 5 sided shape?


(Answers can be found at the bottom of this page)

Challenge 4: Can you make a boat and an aeroplane?

Challenge 5: Can you make a flower and a bird?

Challenge 6: Can you make a tower?

Challenge 7: Can you make a triangle tower?

Challenge 8: Can you make a spiral?

Challenge 9: Can you make a T balance?

Hint: this letter is standing up

Challenge 10: Can you make the word 'HI'?

Hint: these letters are standing up

Well done!


Challenge 3: Shapes 

A shape with 3 sides is called a triangle

A shape with 4 sides is called a square

A shape with 5 sides is called a pentagon



Ask a grown-up if they would like to put a photo of your challenges on Twitter

If they are happy to do this please ask them to include:



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