Classic K'NEX

A construction kit based on rods and connectors that can be joined together easily. Recommended for 5 years and older, Classic K'NEX is used in K'NEXT Generation workshops for P4-S2 (and adults). Additional K'NEX parts including wheels, gears, solar panels and motors make K'NEX the ideal medium for delivering curriculum-linked STEAM challenges and workshops.


A larger, brightly coloured version of Classic K'NEX designed for younger children to use easily. Recommended for age 3-7 years, Kid K'NEX is used in K'NEXT Generation workshops for Nursery to P3. Additional 'character' parts, for example eyes, ears and wings, bring Kid K'NEX to life for younger children and allow Kid K'NEX to be used in cross-curricular activities and workshops.


KAPLA consists of indentical pine planks with a unique ratio of 1:3:5. KAPLA planks are ideal for children to explore the world of STEAM, where art and science coexist. Children can build, create and experiment using their own imagination. This stimulates creativity, encourages logical thinking, problem-solving, dexterity and concentration.

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